Blog #1- Why is geography important?

To the people of Bolivia! –Ronald Reagan, offering a 1982 toast- In Brazil{Jennings 32}

I think that this is the main reason geography is important. Simply knowing where you are in the world could mean the world! Ronald Reagan insulted the country of Brazil by saying “Bolivia” that portrays him as a character that doesn’t take the time to know what country he is in, something a president should know! Ronald Reagan, by saying the wrong country, also shows that he is not intelligent enough to know simple geography. By being the Head of State, Reagan represents the general public. If he doesn’t know geography, then it gives the population of the United States a reputation of being careless and stupid! Another reason knowing where places are is that you learn about the different cultures. Just knowing where Greece is, you can guess that it is a part of the EU, or that or that because the continent of Africa is near the equator the climate is predictably hot. Knowing geography is a skill that is very important. Especially in this era where if you don’t know where simple locations on a map are, it can mean a big deal.


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